Get out there and vote people!!!!

Don’t complain later that the other candidate wins the elections if you For first did not vote, you have no excuse and you have no voice in complaining if you did not vote, I voted, and therefore if the other candidate wins I have the right to complain, but like I said if you sat on your butt and did not Go to the polling station to cast your ballot then please stay in silence for the next four years.

Here in California it seems that Hillary Clinton has a massive lead thanks also to the Latinos that came out in the millions to cast their ballots, it seems also here in California the Afro-American community just like it did in 2008 at come out once again to vote for Hillary.

In other states such as Florida, that by the way is extremely important to both candidates, is seeing a draw so far, however it is said that 1.1 million Latinos still have to vote and most probably will vote, and they will make a massive difference on the outcome of that state, as many experts say it has 85% of chances to be blue.

Ohio seems to be in Donald trumps hands, as he has a two-point lead right now, and because it is a state with very few minorities, well, you know what I mean.

The fact that the Ku Klux Klan endorsement Donald Trump officially on their newspaper and that many high -ranked Ku Klux Klan members have also endorsed him, may have distracted in some way undecided voters, the fact that the FBI said that they found nothing in the new batch of emails sent by Hillary Clinton to her aids a laptop Had also pushed more undecided voters towards her way.

BBC news claims that it will be a landslide and that the outcome of the elections will be a horrible defeat of the Republican Party and that there is an extremely high risk that not only will they lose the Senate but also the house.

There are 36 hours left, go out and vote, most probably on Wednesday I’ll be posting more about these elections and hopefully it will be the very last time that we will talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!