President elect dictating his rules one tweet at the time…

Twitter has never been so powerful, we could say that social media has never been so powerful either, what Donald Trump is doing on social media no president prior to him has ever dared to accomplish, and that is to dictate everything that he’s going to do when he will be president of the United States.

Just to say one, he managed to plunge Boeings stock with one single tweet, the company lost hundred and $125 million in a matter of 12 hours, obviously thanks to one of Donald Trump’s tweets where he claimed that he is going to cancel order the future Air Force 1 747 that are already in construction.

Thanks to twitter he has actually managed to put a severe dent in our trading deals with China, I mentioned is also on the Thomas F Cheng Facebook page yesterday, I actually anticipated it even before he actually tweeted it, claiming that he could do such things would want sweet, and a few minutes later he actually did LOL.

Donald Trump and twitter

It is obvious that the twitter account is once again back in his control, and the style on every single individual tweets is in Donald trump logical views. However, I would like to know once that he does sit behind that desk in the Oval Office, will he still be on his laptop at 3 o’clock in the morning sending out tweets? Or will he do it from his smartphone in bed at the Trump Tower?

Well, from mid-January our questions will be answered, by then he will be sworn in, by then he would have walked in his own parade from Pennsylvania Avenue all the way to the White House.