FBI: Found another 15,000 Clinton emails!!

She was Secretary of State for 4 years, can someone explain to me, where did she find the time to to send out 147,500 emails in 4 years, I haven’t sent out that many in 25 years of being present on the web. Anyways, the FBI have confirmed that they found another batch of emails that were among them that were handed over by Clinton this past July.

So the next question would be: You’ve had these documents/files on hand for the past two months, but a team of 43 agents discovered the emails in a file just yesterday? Who’s pulling the strings here, or is it that the FBI have some serious investigation technique problems? However, they’re looking into them, all 15,120 of them!

I wonder when they’ll be available on wikileaks LOL!


What is it that Trump screwed up on?…

Basically not being a military man, he did not figure this out, his never figured this out and basically this is where Donald fell off the earth. He doesn’t recognize that military is one family that sticks together across generations and political leanings no matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, they all stick together. So by attacking the parents of a war hero that gave his life for our country, not only was it a very poor attempt to attack Democrats, it was a very vicious attack against all veterans and military personnel still active defending our country.

After reading several newspapers online this morning seems that the GOP would be attempting to move aside, from replacing him either with Jepp Bush or another candidate that could try to salvage what is left of the GOP, and focus course on the House and Senate sure that they do not take a hit there as well due to Donald Trump, speeches, his tweets, and anything that basically involves presidential candidate at this time.

This would be a first time that an actual candidates is forced to leave the race, the bookmakers in the United Kingdom have placed a bet on him being booted by the Republicans 2/1, basically you put a dollar on him being out of the race as if such happens you will get a dollar 50 back.

I truly think that the next 5 to 10 days will be extremely important, where would the GOP act and make a decision about the run for 2016, and quite likely this race is most probably lost and therefore the Republican Party will be looking ahead of time for the elections of 2020.


So both conventions are over, what are your thoughts?

I can tell you mine if you want to continue reading :)

Last night I think that the DNC sent a very strong message of patriotism and tolerance, two things that usually are not found on the same party, but the Democratic Party of 2016 has made some radical changes and when you see a four star general on stage giving a speech as if he were a drill Sgt. and what a speech that was, then you know that something different happened. I truly did appreciate the two Pakistani Muslim parents that spoke about their children and help book of the Constitution in his hand and saying that he would borrow it to Donald Trump.

I have absolutely no idea if Donald Trump has read the Constitution, I believe he may not but that is pure speculation, however the message on that stage last night was very strong.

Everything looked great in my personal opinion until Chelsea Clinton came on stage and basically slows everything down, it was an inappropriate speech, it was too slow to lagged in her words and she was simply not herself at all.

I really was not 100% impressed by Hillary Clinton’s speech as well, she also was very bland and calm, I was expecting her to be a little aggressive when touching base with Donald Trump that didn’t happen and therefore I would say that the whole convention went great and they definitely scored many points above the RNC, but Hillary and her daughter kind of put me off, but just me, no one going to change my opinion just because they were not aggressive enough in giving a speech. I want to look at the programs, I want to see what they have to offer, I want to know in detail how informed they are when it comes down to politics domestic and foreign, I don’t care if they attack one another, childish, that is something that I don’t even look at.

As you can see I am still undecided I am leaning towards one of the candidates but not enough to say that I’m actually convince and that I will give them my vote!


So how do you think the Democratic national convention is going?

Day two in the DNC, I have to say I’m very impressed, they want was an absolute or, Michelle Obama absolutely nailed it, and the senator that preceded her, please forgive me if I forgot his name, they most probably one of the most honest and glorious speeches that I have ever heard a political convention.

Another factor that I know this is not on day two the Bernie Sanders followers decided to protest in silence as I find that extremely respectful and shows that there is a solid unity in the Democratic Party at this time, I have to admit I admire Bernie Sanders very much, and he accepted the defeat in an appropriate manner and not certainly like his colleagues said crews that went on stage at the RNC and literally vomited flames Donald Trump and basically told his followers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Day three should also be very interesting as I was told, and tomorrow Hillary Clinton should be giving her final speech and acceptance to the candidacy. So I can say without any hypocrisy involved in that the DNC is going a lot better than the RNC and considering that the Democratic national convention has still two more days left in it, they actually have two more days to improving, or like the Republicans hope that they have two more days to ruin everything.

It will be very interesting to see what occurs in the next two following days, and as an undecided I will sit to the side and focus on what each of the two candidates can bring to the plate, what make a new to make America a better place, a safer place, and of course another very important factor is international security and terrorism.


so what do we make of the Republican national convention?

it is over with the final speech of Donald Trump, everybody thought he was going to change path, but apparently he did not he is sticking to his policies that we all know, many of us appreciate them many of us don’t, but most of the media thought that he was going to be a little more tame, lowering the tone on minorities and of course the famous wall that he wants Mexico to be entirely pay, actually where he stated even last night that he will force them to pay.

There has been a lot of controversy, Melania’s speech was basically a take from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008, it couldn’t have been more bland and obvious, and to be honest I am very surprised that the Donald from campaign thought that they were going to get away with it. It is obvious that the media were waiting for something like this to happen and it did.

The demonstrated outside that in some cases were beaten not by the police but by the Trump supporters, I hate to say this but we have seen this before back in the 50s and it ended up with that candidate at that time losing horribly.

Then of course we have Ted Cruz that point blank shot at Donald trump, not only did he not endorse him but in his message he asked Republicans that are following him not to vote for Donald Trump and not to vote at this point for his party the Republican party.

So the end of the day, actually at the end of the four days we saw a very successful speech by ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but everything else that preceded it and follow this in my personal opinion backfired and was a complete disaster.

Conventions ought to preserve and gain votes, but what I see unfortunately for the GOP at least in my eyes, the Republicans have lost a an incredibly large slice of undecided Republicans, maybe I’m wrong maybe it was just my impression, I myself am still undecided, so I call myself out at this time.

I truly do believe that it will be vital importance that the Democratic Party not have any of the dozens of mishaps occurred at the Republican convention, if they managed to get through there 4 days without any mishaps or fails I truly believe that they could nail the presidency even now in July.

The reason that I say this, is because it is said but not yet confirmed that Donald Trump will not attend any of the debates, maybe the vice president whenever he called Wells but from what I have heard and at this time is speculation, is that Donald Trump will refuse all invitations from all networks to attend any debate.

So that will be in my opinion in the eyes of the American people an incredible sign of weakness, and incredible sign of not wanting a confrontation, so that why I say this next upcoming week Democratic convention could be the case cracker could be worse the presidency.

But politics in our great nation has always given us incredible surprises, if you all remember the Ronald Reagan campaign started off extremely bad, they fell into many holes along the way, the president Reagan at that time candidate Reagan managed to pull many rabbits out of his bowler hat and convince the American people that he would have been most probably one of the greatest president of all time, and for many of us he actually was.

Celeb sit back and enjoy this next week’s convention, let’s see if they didn’t screw up like the Republicans did or if they can take extreme advantage from what we seen this week, I thought hoping that they will do well, I thought hoping that they will be bad, however I am extremely curious to see how they will do.


Sir Richard Branson calls out for a BritExit re-vote as soon as possible

richard branson re-vote

Sir Richard Branson CEO and founder of Virgin Group, is asking the British government to take into serious consideration a re-vote. Branson claims that voters did not have enough information regarding the consequences of leaving the European Union and now that Britain’s Have a taste of what it will look like my leaving the European union a result to say or exit as soon as possible would be the absolute right thing to do.

In the meanwhile close to 3 million people (like that I looked) have signed a petition requesting the British government for a re-vote, not many specialists in that specific area claimed that “STAY” most probably pick up more than 70% of voters choice.

However, I do not know that well the British constitution and therefore I’m not even sure if something like that would be 100% legal. Is the British in their vast majority as it seems are with Richard Branson and would like to reconsider their vote and have the option of a second referendum, then that in my personal opinion would be very democratic because it is giving the people second chance to choose, it is giving the people possibility to change their mind after what they have seen this week with British stock basically clashing along with the British pound and exports tumbling down already.

Let’s see how it goes, but as many specialists and politicians claim this will be very unlikely to happen.


Donald Trump wants to Join Forces with Putin and Russia.

First of all laugh at the image I posted in this article and don’t be offended by it LOL! I got it off this Alternative News website that I have among my bookmarks and is a daily read since 2012 when I first landed on it. It’s the news told the way the news actually happened, with no political diversions or editing. It’s real news and thats how the news really should be told IMO!

trump putin funny thomas f cheng

So what is it now with Donald Trump, he really wants to become one of the closest allies of President Putin of Russia? Thats what it seems, however, I’m not saying its a bad idea, or a good one, what I’m asking is why he wants this.

Well he has said it more than once that he wants to join forces with Russia to fight ISIS, thats not a bad idea, if you take into consideration that Russia has a massive influence in the region and has fast access to getting the job done fast as it’s boarders are closer to the region as well, not to mention that they’re the second strongest military power in the world.

But the biggest issue at this time for Donald Trump is more about the Muslim ban he would like to put into action in the case of the actually becomes president of our nation, already the Prime Minister of Great Britain has given his remarks claiming that Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban is in the lunacy” Not to mention our friends to the south of our border claim that building a wall and enforcing Mexico to pay for it is an act of war.

It is quite likely that he will be the GOP nominee for president, but what I read today on CBS news the majority of the GOP could create their own candidate and have them run as an independent Republican, I don’t know how that works but CBS is an certainly Fox news, it is definitely more open widely to both sides and therefore I can give some credibility to what they are looking into right now.

The good thing about Donald Trump is that you can actually talk about him for hours on end without getting tired, basically every single interview that the man gives, every single handled the man visits, something new pops up, except for his returns obviously LOL.


It is getting closer to a Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand off

So there it is, it really does seem that the numbers are in favor of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, all they need is a handful more of delegates and the job should be done. I noticed that a lot of my Bernie Sanders followers on my official Thomas F. Cheng twitter page are really not happy, however I do have a question and I will be posting about this on all my social media pages and not only my twitter account, the question would be: Would have Bernie Sanders being a social liberal, what he had the upper hand on Donald Trump? Some of the most recent and accurate polls say no, while other polls claim that Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide over Donald Trump considering the 80% of women prefer her rather than him and 51% of them have the right to vote are women, and it is said that 57% of all voters in the next election will be women.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump presidential race
Let’s remember that Paul had never been accurate, if you think that ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani at the start of the campaign eight years ago was considered by most of the polls to win the GOP in a heartbeat, we all know that never happened.

I have another question: with Donald Trump not being a politician and ending up at the base face-to-face with Hillary Clinton, that has been in New York senator eight years, had been also the first lady eight years and therefore she was in the White House to turn, and also being Secretary of State for four years, makes her 100% a politician, 100% with a politician background, she is used to being in debate, she has learned how to have the right question ready at the right time, therefore I see Donald Trump in disarray when it comes down to face-to-face debates with a woman has so much experience in politics while on the other side Donald is without doubt a great businessman but is at his first steps in politics.

As many of you already know, I am still undecided and most probably will be for a very long time before what I am saying right now is from the heart, what I’m saying right now has no political preference, this is something that we will never know until the first debate, we all thought the Joe Biden was going to slice into pieces Sarah Palin, we all know that didn’t happen, even if she came out slightly defeated, she was not cut up into small dice pieces like the majority of us thought that she would.

So do you see where I’m going with this? Yes on one side we have an extremely experienced politician and on the other side we have one of the most creative and decorated businessman the United States has ever seen, as of right now she looks like she’s in favor, but as you can see things can drastically change, hamburger conflict easily, so as of today even if the majority of the polls say she is going to win over Donald Trump in a landslide, I still say it is 50-50, and I’m ready to bet that it will be until we see them confronting one another face-to-face in an official debate.

Feel free to visit one of my social media pages and joining the discussion!


So basically the Donald Trump situation has become a little tricky for the GOP.

Obviously this is my personal opinion and still as of today I am totally neutral and undecided on who I may vote for in November, but at the following in-depth the whole Donald from situation, because it has become a situation, I have come to these conclusions even if they may sound like speculation I’m sure that there are many of my readers that would agree with what I Have to say.

Let’s say for some crazy reason Donald Trump doesn’t make the 50% delegate milestone, and he will have to go to the convention to convince the superdelegates to give him the nomination, however it would be only right that he had nomination considering that the majority of the American voters in all the primaries around the country voted mostly for him. However it seems that the GOP may not be taking that direction…

… It seems that the GOP is a pain to the superdelegates deciding today” Donald Trump to the side and replace him maybe with Romney or even the speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Obviously many would think that job would be done and that the so-called most dangerous Donald Trump would be out on the way. Not too fast!

If that was to take place then the majority of the Donald Trump supporters and sympathizers would be outrage and in their eyes it would look like he was in legitimately remove and replace with someone that did absolutely nothing during the campaign to deserve that position and of course the nomination. Many Republicans would not go to vote in this case, some specialists say that up to 15% of the Republican sympathizers would not vote.

Donald Trump is a loose cannon as many journalists describe, so what if not loose cannon then decides to run as an independent and take roughly 22% up to 35% of Republican voters is way, that would mean for the Democratic Party ever it will be either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would win my absolute majority landslide, some even say that the Republican Party would end up in third place after the independence.

Not only the GOP would lose total credibility, the Republican Party would most probably fall apart, and to rebuild that trust in those roughly 50% of Americans therefore 155 million voters, it could even take decades.

So do you see where I’m going with this and why I say that the situation surrounding Donald Trump has become extremely tricky, none of the party leaders want him as president and I repeat not one of them, but they might have to bite their tongues close their eyes and turned the other way because it seems the alternatives to bring Republican Party total destruction.


The Justice Department warns local courts about unlawful methods when it comes down to fines and fees

This is a very interesting article that I was reading this morning on the Washington Post. I myself have yet to be victim, and I hope I never will be victim of state and local court abuse, to be honest I hope I stay out of court altogether LOL. However the article is talking about local courts manipulation when it comes down to slamming defendants with court fees and heavy fines.

Just to give you an example a 37-year-old man from Alabama that pleaded guilty for stripping a line of Apple trees and then selling the apples at a local flea market, he pleaded guilty in court, his time in court was less than an hour and was slammed with a $32,000 fee and a fine of $15,000 none of which went to the victim.

So how is it possible if a man walks into a courtroom pleas guilty and is sentenced to two a month in jail (if he has prior then that is the right sentence in my personal opinion) and slammed with $47,000 in fees to pay, how on earth did a judge come up with $47,000 to pay for less than 200 apples taken from three trees, what would’ve happened if he had robbed a bank took $1 million would be been slammed with a $5 billion fine?

local courthouse

Anyhow it seems that the Justice Department and located several of these abuses and are asking local Justice Department to investigate and to bring to light the responsibles of these unlawful fines and fees, it seems that the Justice Department is not stopping at just this but they want names, it seems that could be some criminal charges slammed on those judges that broke the law by slamming these ridiculous fees to help county and city court budgets.