Donald trumps international tour

He bowed to the Saudi’s, will not physically but morally he definitely did, of course when there is a $110 billion deal going down his friends say who wouldn’t right?

Then he heads off to Israel and talks about about the Saudi, then he heads off to Palestine and told bad about the Jews, then he goes to Europe at the G7 Summit and basically doesn’t confirm any climate deal and leaves all the European leaders thinking: With this guy I want anyone with us? To the point where the German Chancellor, stated that from now on Europe will have to make its own decisions without the United States and maybe we should look towards Canada as a future ally.

We all saw what Pope Francis thoughts on our gracious president, he couldn’t wait to get the man out of the building LOL!

Then he comes back, like he has always done being viciously attacks the Free Press, but this time like no other time, even if the people that he chose to be in his cabinet are telling him to stop, he continues on a daily basis to unconstitutionally the press TV networks and reporters.

Let’s talk about statistics: Is solid ground all three months ago that sold the president with a 51% approval is now down to 29%, something you telling me many of his fans are abandoning him, and only the foolish are actually still there supporting this man in my personal opinion.

What about Russia-Gate? Why is the White House so quiet about all this? Why are they not saying a word to the press about this? What do they have to hide, or better still how much do they have to hide that we have no idea about? My only hope is that the special prosecutor will not only find the responsible of this treason, but will find in first person the direct involvement of our presidents and he will be impeached immediately.