Impeachment of Trump and his circus when?

Many say that it’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when” will Donald Trump be impeached. Federal investigations bring up every day new facts that the Trump administration was deeply involved in relations with Russia and the hacking that took place during the elections.

A lot of my friends say that Thomas F Cheng (me) could get himself in a lot of trouble for saying certain things, then prove me worng, tell me what I’m saying that is not the truth?… The most wonderful thing about this country is that you can speak your mind as long as you don’t insult someone and thats what I’m doing!!


So yes! He will be impeached as this is the same way Watergate went, who was around back then knows that there is no way out of this, Trump knows and knew the whole time what was going on and that the elections like he stated many times “were rigged” but to his benefit!