Donald Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin today.

Donald Trump to meet with his best friend ever behind closed doors in just a few hours from now.
Along with them will be only two translators and the American translator is under oath that anything that said in the meeting is to be revealed in any way whatsoever. That makes perfect sense!
What will be on the agenda? I can speculate if you want: Trump will offer to remove all sanctions on Russia, will reveal without knowing some of our countries most classified secrets and in exchange he will get absolutely nothing LOL.

putin trump thomas f cheng

It is clear at this time that Pres. Putin is completely in control of the meeting, all his demands will be taken down and executed, and most probably the United States even if they have any demands of their own will be as usual ignored by the ex-Soviet Union KGB officer.

Vladimir Putin wants this meeting so that he can lay down his authority on Donald Trump. I myself find it very hard to understand why it Donald Trump wants to protect this country, but at the same time will sit down with Vladimir Putin and refuse to point his finger and accusing him of leaving the hacking during the 2016 elections.

I know for a fact that nothing will be said or done, if you consider that no sanctions have been given since that hacking attack, no action has been taken no action will ever be taken.

Best friends forever Donnie and Vlad!