Trump and Twitter what a circus act

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter, I have my own account under my Thomas F Cheng name as you can see. I have a bunch of social media accounts on all the platforms, it is a matter of fact I love Social Media more than my job or any other activity. However I have never made a complete fool of my self by posting total stupidity. However I can’t talk for everyone and most of all for the President of this great nation of ours.

Every time that the man takes to Twitter he makes a true fool of himself, even more than he actually is. Now he’s tweeting that he’s the victim of an investigation that see’s him in the center of it all. Why worry if you’re clean? The investigators will prove that you have nothing to do with foul-play, so chill, don’t get mad.

Well the word is, he is going to fire the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, that his days are counted and that should actually take place this week. How will that look for Trump after that he fires the man investigating him? Well, with the rest of the world and the large majority of the Americans it would look terrible and would prove in all points his guilt. But to him and the avid trash that supports him it was the right thing to do LOL!

Lets stay on top of this and see where it goes!