French police force claim that their officers are exhausted

I was watching just a few moments ago the situation in Paris, where people are protesting against the police claiming that they are rude, Brazil and extremely impatient.
Police responded with tear gas, pepper spray and a good beating with their batons.

However the situation among the national police force in France got to the point where 95% of the officers claim that they are exhausted, and average on 18 hours a week over time her officer, in some places like the suburbs of Paris where there is a high concentration of the Muslim community, police officers are forced to work up to 65 hours a week.

So I asked myself why on earth are they not hiring more police officers, the answer to that would be that they are, however they need at least another 11,000 new police officers just to cover central France and another 22,000 police officers to cover nationwide, it takes months to train a police officer anywhere in the world, especially in France with police training last 18 weeks and then after that trainees are put on the street as observers and not an official police officers for another six weeks.

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So basically what we have here is the first cadets are actually graduating and becoming official police officers at this time, the first wave of new police officers however is just over 500 units and therefore can barely cover a small portion of the French capital, the Ministry of internal affairs claim that they will have a new way within the next two weeks and so on until he reached the number of 22,000 new police officers put on the streets, however that will take roughly another year.

You also have to keep in mind that the UEFA European cup ornament will be held in France in just a month’s time and with roughly 1.6 million soccer fans entering the country the need for appropriate security is needed absolutely.

It is said that during the games 22% on security forces will be military personnel that is mostly trained for counterterrorism and special ops, so at least during this sports events the situation seems to be covered and partially under control.

France but especially Paris has shown to be extremely vulnerable, it is an easy target for terrorists considering that 10% of the capital population was not born in France but in Muslim nations and another 15% off French Muslims most of which hates France and believe in Jihad.

To be honest I would attend any of the soccer games even if I was given a free flight, hotel and a top-notch tickets for the stadium, and to be honest I have suggested to my friends over in Europe that should be attending the gains that Italy will be playing not to go for obvious security breaches and how easy it is to attack civilians in such a large and totally undefended city.