How about that! In New Hampshire Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders take the home run!

Bernie Sanders Thomas Chang blog

Earlier on today I noticed that many of the people that I’m following on the Thomas F Cheng LinkedIn account are all bragging either for one or the other, I have many followers on social media that at this time are extremely happy for the great success of Donald Trump, many of the Democrats at the same time for Se. Bernie Sanders.

So what happened to Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton? Even if she did pick up nine delegates yesterday in New Hampshire, she is still trailing behind big old Bernie and will need some serious wins in the next caucuses coming up soon. Ted Cruz, he better pull a white bunny out of his hat if he really wants to seriously take on Donald Trump that now has a considerable margin above all his competitors.

So on one side and therefore the Republican side, we have Donald Trump that looks like he could actually make it, while on the Democratic side Bernie Sanders is yes leading, however by a very slim margin over Mrs. Clinton.

I find it to be one of the most exciting races to the White House in decades, at this time two underdogs are actually in the lead, will they make it into the end? Will they still be on top of the last caucus? Let’s wait and see, from here until November I’m sure that we will be discussing this on social media reports here on my blog very often!!