Is the Samsung galaxy S7 Walter resistance as much as they say it is?

Samsung_Galaxy_S7 water resistant

Some say that it is and others say it is not water resistant as the company claims it is, so without having to buy the phone and testing it for ourselves at our own risk, who to believe? Samsung or the specialized websites that have tested the smartphone in these recent days?

I know that the Sony Xperia Z5 is water resistant, I have owned one myself and after that it accidentally fell inside the swimming pool I can confirm no water damage occurred to that smartphone, even if I preferred the function of the Samsung galaxy a lot more.

So if there is anybody out there that has already purchased the S7 and of course has tested to see if it really is waterproof then please join us in our discussion on my Thomas F Cheng LinkedIn social media page and kindly let us know what the experience results were.