It was the most seen presidential inauguration in the history of mankind!

Well apparently to his press corps Donald Trump Inauguration was the biggest in the universe, even the aliens 400 million light years away from our planet are talking about it! “Biggly” to say the very least, and please don’t listen to all the liberal fake news that are saying it was the least followed.

Even if they have provided case cracking proof, that it really wants empty there at the Mall in Washington DC, that even Richard Nixon and Eisenhower, or even Gerald Ford had more attendance than our so-called president of the United States Donald John Trump had this past Friday.

empty trump

One on the most pathetic excuses that I heard from many people on Facebook and other social media platforms, is that whoever voted for Donald Trump actually have a job and therefore they could not attend LOL.

Then they realize what a huge mistake that they had actually made my coming out and trying to fight the press with these filthy lies, calling it alternative views, that is a new way of calling somebody a liar I guess LOL.

The scary part however, is that the press secretary made it very clear that they will pursue and prosecute anyone that will try to prove more evidence on Donald Trump’s cabinet lies. Basically they want to push away in this case the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The good thing however, we can look back in six months time and say that yes it was a brief presidency, yes he did make the world laugh at us all, however it only lasted and eight of what it should have.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter, I’m pretty much sure she wouldn’t have done a great deal for our nation, but in the hands of choosing either one or the other she would be the one that would have created less damage that’s for sure LOL.