US Navy and Air Force strike ISIS bases in Libya.

This just started minutes ago apparently the official Libyan government requested several days ago in total secrecy for the United States and its allies to take action against ISIS bases in its country, the concern of the Libyan government while the fast expansion of the terrorist group in the area and that if something was not done the terrorist organization will be able to reach the major cities within less than a week.

I’m watching CNN right now, and I can see some serious images of explosions occurring outside several major cities toward the west of the country. I have not yet heard that any of the coalition forces are involved in this airstrike beside the United States Air Force and Navy, but from what I understand Great Britain should take part in this operation either in the now or in the next few hours or days.

However the operation is underway, the Pentagon claim that they will not stop until the job is done and that the threat is completely neutralized.