Wiretapping the Trump Tower LOL!

So basically 10 days ago former president of the United States Barack Obama was accused on wiretapping Donald Trump’s Trump Tower phone lines. Apparently Trump got this information from an extremist right-wing online media websites. In the first days after this week, White House actually insisted about the tapping of the phones of Trump Tower, then they slightly backed off, now I don’t want to talk about this in any way or form whatsoever.

Today is March 13, that is the deadline that the national security committee has given the White House to provide proof of these extremely serious accusations. At this time the word, and basically there will be no words, because this is the fruit of the imagination of Mr. Donald Trump, there has not been any wiretapping, there has never been any phone surveillance on Donald Trump or any of his crew.

Should this lead to impeachment? Anywhere else in the world most probably it would. But we are in the United States of America with the president is covered by immunity and therefore he can simply sit back and laugh the only at himself for saying such ridiculous allegations, but laugh at the people that actually gave him their vote.

The next step that the national security lawmaker committee should ask Mr. Trump, is that he officially retract such hideous allegations and most of all apologizes to former Pres. Barack Obama and the American people.

this as well will never happen!