Whats your favorite social media platform?

Lets take a break from all the Orange Clown talk, we have at least another 5 months of that before he’s indicted and another year or so before the indictment wears out! So, I thought we could talk about something that we’re involved in, all of us from all over the world, that would be SOCIAL MEDIA.

As for me, Thomas F Cheng I have a facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, you name it I have it. The best way to get out there is through Social Media!

thomas cheng facebook

I’ll give you an example. I spoke to Pat and Jen, two teens that youtube tricks and kicks about Mindcraft. Their videos are seen by millions of Xbox and PS lovers from all over the world, some of their videos get up to 45,000,000 views. Last April they were High School students and now their making about $12,000 a day each!

My son is into soccer, he’s a goalkeeper, he loves the game and I love to see him play. I bought him some gloves called J4K I found the brand on Linkedin and that took me to their website. I actually got into contact with the co-owner of the company and he said that 80% of their customers find them on Facebook and other social media platforms. They invoice about 450,000,000 bucks a year…

…So how many of you have seen economical gain thanks to social media?


The affordable care act to be trashed within the next month

According to our next president Obama care is a virus and it will be stripped within the next month, however they have to tell us what it will be replaced with, all we know is that it will be: “A great plan, a much better plan, and affordable plan, a fantastic plan, a new and much better plan”

The truth is they don’t have a plan, while the 400 lawmaking Republicans want to do in the 1200 healthcare investors have in mind is to make as much money as possible until Donald Trump is sending office, to squeeze every single penny they can help of the American people. This is something that we will see, he claims, the as in our President-elect, that the premiums will go down, please bookmark this article and let’s read this together in four months time, and then in six months time, and then in a years time, And we will all sit back and say I was right, premiums actually did triple and this act of madness scripts roughly 19,000,000 Americans from their health insurance.

It is quite interesting to know that 85% of them that focuses on either were using the affordable care, Medicare or and free food stamps. It is a matter of fact that voted for Donald Trump is then that will be punished more by his benefit stripping campaign that will take place shortly.

The idea is that to force people to go and find extremely expensive insurance, to cut out the sick, to enforce once again pre-existing cause and everybody that benefited from that will see themselves stripped of their insurance even if they don’t have it through Obama.

We looking at 76 million people but will lose or will have drastic cuts in their health insurance, we’re looking at 196 million people that will see their health insurance double within the next year.

Take my word for it, the plan is to scrounge as much money as possible before he is out of office, his plan on being president is for his own needs and for all the business makers that surround him. He could care less about who voted for Hillary or for whom voted for him, all he cares about is this, is his income and how you can build his empire once again.

In the meanwhile his best buddy Vladimir Putin will walk all over him and most probably won’t into many of the Russian surrounding countries without any reaction in any form or way whatsoever by our future presidents that Vladimir Putin considers the perfect puppet.


Fort Lauderdale gunman Was previously interviewed by the FBI

So what was he doing with a semiautomatic handgun legally placed in his luggage? Don’t get me wrong, it is illegal to carry a firearm if you have specific permits in your luggage, and specifically your checked in luggage, however this person, this assassin and previous interviews with the FBI in Anchorage Alaska.

Apparently, nothing came out of those interviews and the man and his legal gun permits were set free. Three months later he opened fire in a Florida airport killing five innocent people and wounding another 13. According to some federal sources this incident could have been prevented, the person was in some way unstable and his weapon and is legal gun permit should have been immediately confiscated during his interview in Alaska months before the terror attack, you can call it that, occurred in Fort Lauderdale.

Donald Trump tweeted as usual this time claiming that his thoughts go to those people that lost their lives, however he is in favor of not restricting gun control in this country, something that Pres. Obama has been trying to put in place for nearly 8 years with massive obstruction from the Republican Party claiming that gun control is a violation of the Second Amendment and therefore in their opinion people like this assassin can go around legally in airports with a semi automatic handgun.


Breaking news: Twitter just announced it will charge Donald Trump $1000 per stupid Tweet

I’m just kidding obviously, but you have to say that the title actually drag you into the article LOL.
There is quite a lot going on in the world right now, but even so, Donald Trump is always the top of the news. Today’s Tweet Where he openly bashes Japanese car industry Toyota, I’m gone around the world, basically like every stupid thing he says goes around the world.

Anyway, getting back to Toyota, stop by the way has invested $22.7 billion in our country since 2007, is very worried regarding the childish remarks on our next president to be. The Japanese car industry is actually quite disturbed from these remarks and if we take into serious consideration that 81% of all Japanese vehicles that are sold in the United States are actually made in the United States, then maybe Donald Trump should actually read up and pull a few statistics before he makes a complete fool of himself once again.

I find this very strange that our president elect goes around bashing people for moving their factories out of the United States, when 97.6% of everything that he buys and sells comes from outside of the United States, his factories or house of the United States.

So my next question would be, is he going to super Himself for taking jobs out of the United States? Always going to have a file and double standard president?

He is also urging his supporters to come to the January 20 hooray when he is sworn in, and it seems there are more Anti-Trump supporters that will be attending the actual Trump supporters, the President-elect is absolutely aware of this, he knows for a fact he will be booed when he is sworn in, so if you are a Donald Trump supporter, run to Washington and do everything you can to overcome the booing!


Donald Trump claims WikiLeaks did not obtain emails from Russia

President-elect Donald Trump claims that the 13 intelligence agencies that came to the conclusion that WikiLeaks obtained confidential emails from Russia is all bogus, in other words 1100 people from 13 different federal intelligence agencies are all a bunch of liars LOL!

However our next president as usual took to Twitter rather than talk to the press about this issue claiming that a 14-year-old could have hacked into the DNC email server, I guess his 10-year-old son told him that LOL!

Another sweet from the official Donald Trump account claims that it wasn’t the Russians follow it was the DNC’s fault if they got hacked, they were careless and they deserved what they got. And this man is going to be the next president of the free world LOL!

Say when this because like every single day, the President-elect of the United States will make a complete fool of himself and we obviously will be reporting it.


Donald trumps 10-year-old son knows more about the hacking than the CIA do…

According to President-elect Donald Trump, his 10-year-old son discovered who hacked into federal databases and the Northeast electrical company, this would be the last of many LOL’s on behalf on Donald Trump.

He said that on Tuesday and therefore tomorrow or at the very latest Wednesday he will reveal who was behind the hacking, I guess he needs an additional briefing with a yesterday teenager son LOL.

The possibility that the United States federal government was by Russia are basically none at all…
The possibility that it was the CIA that the CIA is a possibility according to Donald Trump…
The possibility that it was the DNC that actually have themselves according obviously to Donald Trump is the most plausible response that will get more from the president elect.

Now, my next question would be: Are we going to get this 10-year-old intelligence piece of work from a news conference or is the President-elect Donald Trump going to tweet to us?

That’s a pretty good question, let’s wait and see, the only thing that is guaranteed that we are all going to laugh, unless you are a hard-core Donald Trump supporter!


What if Donald Trump didn’t have twitter?

I guess that he would be Facebook’ing Everyone to death LOL.
Will he still be doing so when presidents of the United States? Some say he won’t, but I find that absolutely hard to believe. The men talked to twitter roughly 8 years ago with his personal attacks on president Barack Obama, And basically has never stopped. So what is it about Donald Trump and Twitter? Is it some sort of fetish LOL? Or is it as many say is a way of avoiding the press and on the same time communicating via a very powerful social media tool.

The bookmakers give that he won’t last more than six months in office, I to the honest thing even less, I truly do believe that the man is unfit to be president of this great nation, but that is not what is in question right now.

What we do have right now is a President-elect that likes to play around on social media, he likes to insult people via social media, he likes to announce his new staff members via social media and none of this with the press. I guess that Twitter should start charging for President-elect for every announcement of his cabinet that he makes, if they started doing that from the beginning and charge at least $1000 for every announcement they would have at least $300,000 in the bank LOL.

However I hope that everybody had an incredible Christmas and I hope that you all will have a pleasant new year, I’ll be back in a few more days posting as usual and until then everybody take care.


Today Donald Trump will be certain to become the next US president… However without the drama!

The electoral college even with a few that will flip-flop leaning towards Hillary Clinton will not be enough. Donald Trump the certainty that he will become the next president of this great nation. The numbers are all with him, even if five or maybe six that we know will not cast a vote for him but will lean to the other side, it still won’t be enough to stop him from becoming president.

However the drama hasn’t stopped, especially now with the Russian hacking that has been confirmed in full by the CIA but also by the Federal Bureau of investigation. According to their reports Russia and an enormous impact on the elections and most probably without their interference results of those elections would have taken a different turn.

So now the Russians and who they want for president, many say they wanted a topic so that they could rule the world in these months or even years to come. Basically for Vladimir Putin putting a businessman at the White House that has no political background will allow him to do what he has been doing in the past two years and of course increase pace and do what ever he wants either in Asia, Europe or the Middle East.

However today everything shall be put to an end, it will be certain this evening that don’t Trump will be president elect, he will be sworn in at the start of next year.

The most significant thing that I have found however is that the British bookmakers are actually betting on how long the Donald Trump presidency will actually last. It’s a 3/1 odd that he won’t make it through his first year, it is a 2 to 1 odd that he will be indicted before reelection, it is a six the one on that he will be assassinated during his presidency.

obviously people are hoping this will never happen, nobody wants anyone to be assassinated or indicted, what we want is a president that will give up twitter and stop thinking about the middle and lower class rather than himself and his buddies. I guess we’ll have to wait another four years for something like that to happen LOL.


How Significant Was the Russians hacking and how much of a difference did it make in the outcome of the elections?

According to the CIA it might have been vital, in the sense that the Russians may have elected Donald Trump.
I know that may sound a little too harsh, however after that I read the 119 pages of the CIA report that was rendered public yesterday afternoon, I’m starting to believe that the acting, the false news and their direct involvement, could have favored President-elect Donald Trump in large-scale and nationwide.

Nothing is going to happen, it’s not that we’re going to go back and vote once again, but this just shows how easy it is to influence the general election of the most powerful nation in the world simply by infiltrating via the Internet, this just shows how vulnerable the United States of America’s federal and state governments are and that we are way behind when it comes down to cyber protection, if the North Koreans, the Chinese and the Russians can infiltrate the Pentagon or any other federal institution, that actually said a lot and I truly do think that it is time that the United States government takes there thumb out of their ass and start moving into how to protect and counterattack any possible infiltration.

For all we know maybe they are already working on that, for all we know they could have been working on math of the 25 years, however the Russians are always a step ahead of us when it comes down to hacking into sensitive documents, so why not the Russians? Why not take them down and keep taking them down time after time, punish them, take down their Internet even there commercial Internet why their Internet connection while the face of the earth, that’s what punishment means, show them that you are capable of disabling them totally, infiltrate the Kremlin’s personal archive and make everything public, Michigan Will they do with WikiLeaks, you wouldn’t be doing anything less than they had already done.


The Global Warming Hoax

It was invented by the Chinese so a certain Donald Trump said. Well, 1,230 scientists from all over the world are saying differently.
Well, within the next 80 years, the ice over at the North Pole will be gone, raising sea levels 10 to 12.5 ft. And with that? Ummm! Lower NYC will be gone, Boston as well, there will be no longer the Florida Keys and 30% of Florida, 50% of the south eastern states will be bogged and swamped. In other nations like Italy, Venice will be gone, all of it! Most of the Netherlands as well. Basically 91% of all nations will be effected in one way or another.

Then comes the heat and cold changes. By 2100, places like Chicago will have 110 degree summers and 10 degree 3 month long winters, places like Toronto and Buffalo will be frozen up 4 months of the year, up to -30 degrees in the winter, but at the same time they will face 100 degree 5 month long summers.

Question: Can we save the planet from falling into this shit-storm? According to thousands of scientists the answer would be yes, but we are very close to the point of no return. Efforts have been made in the past 8 years. Here in the US we have lowered pollution drastically, by eliminating coal to produce electricity. I’ll give you an example: The US population is about 4.9% of the worlds population, but 8 years ago, we were 30% of the worlds pollution. Today we have lowered that 30% to 19%.

China and India along with Brazil are 70% of the worlds pollution problem and it seems they have no intentions to make any changes. So are we all screwed? Well not us or maybe not even our children, but who comes after is going to live in a world that wont look even close to what we can see from our office window today!