Devastating earthquake in central Italy

I have been watching the news in these past few hours and beside the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tabloid trash, they are actually talking about serious issues occurring around the world, like the earthquake that shook the whole central Italy region killing at least 300 people and leaving 13,000 without a home.

This is a region that has been struck by earthquakes hundreds of times but never wanted so devastating, never wanted so strong, and never one so close to the earth crust and that is actually why is poured down several city centers and caused so much damage in the region.

As they are well prepared for these situations it seems that the Italian government has not asked for aid and will handle the situation internally. So far 65 people have been pulled out safely from the rubble of their homes but like I said unfortunately close to 300 innocent people men women and children alike unfortunately perished in this catastrophic event.

My thoughts and prayers go to them and their families.


FBI: Found another 15,000 Clinton emails!!

She was Secretary of State for 4 years, can someone explain to me, where did she find the time to to send out 147,500 emails in 4 years, I haven’t sent out that many in 25 years of being present on the web. Anyways, the FBI have confirmed that they found another batch of emails that were among them that were handed over by Clinton this past July.

So the next question would be: You’ve had these documents/files on hand for the past two months, but a team of 43 agents discovered the emails in a file just yesterday? Who’s pulling the strings here, or is it that the FBI have some serious investigation technique problems? However, they’re looking into them, all 15,120 of them!

I wonder when they’ll be available on wikileaks LOL!


Is Ryan Lochte Lying About Rio Robbery?

I truly believe that he is lying, just make an obviously mine is pure speculation. But it seems that the taxicab driver does not confirm at all Ryan Lochte version of the facts, it is a matter of fact that the taxi driver said that the group of three athletes asked him where they could purchase, well whatever you know what I’m talking about. The Drivers to then to a location where they could purchase that thing and after a dispute on the price the sellers pointed a gun at the three athletes.

No one has been detained because the swim team moved out of the village after their competition ended, so we were not able to make the athletes available, that’s what the police were told when they reached the Olympic Village asking to speak to Ryan Lochte and another swimming athlete, apparently they had left the country overnight most probably to avoid being detained and questioned in Brazil and as we quite know an investigation in a country like Brazil could take months.

However Lochte confirmed his testimony: “We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing just a police badge and they pulled us over,” Lochte said. “They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground — they got down on the ground. I refused, I was like we didn’t do anything wrong, so — I’m not getting down on the ground. And then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, ‘Get down,’ and I put my hands up, I was like ‘whatever.’ He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cell phone, he left my credentials.”

You see, the reason that I supplies and have douts that this may have been a robbery, is that they left their cell phones, they let this for but they talk their wallet, one thing that many of you might not know, is that an American passport on the black market is worth up to $25,000, so they would take your wallet that had $500 in its but they would leave an American passport behind, something does not connect here.

What ever, the back safe and sound in the United States of America now!


Not that I had any doubts, but: Bolt is now history in Rio with third successive Olympics 100m gold medal

The 6-foot-5 sprinter overcame his typically slow unfurling from the blocks, gradually worked up speed, caught American Justin Gatlin with 40 metres left and was celebrating – pointing at his chest with his thumb – before he crossed the finish line. He even took the time to look both to his right and left to ensure that no one was trying to take that gold off him.

bolt wins thirds

Bolt beat Gatlin, who was greeted by the fans with raucous boos due to his past of doping, by .08 seconds. Andre de Grasse of Canada won the bronze.

“I’m happy and I’m proud of myself. It wasn’t perfect execution, but I’m proud of myself. I wanted to set myself apart from everybody else and this is the Olympics, I have to do it.

“I came to this Olympics to win three gold medals, to prove myself again as one of the greats.”


The Water turns green at the Olympic diving pool

That issue took center stage on Tuesday when the Olympic diving pool that was crystal blue for men’s events on Monday had turned unsettlingly murky and green overnight.

green water olympics thomas cheng

The drastic change has left athletes, Olympic organizers, the media and spectators around the world befuddled. When asked about the change, one Olympic official told a reporter, “it wasn’t green this morning.”

So, in a matter of 4 hours the water turned green and no one can give an answer on what happened. I’ll tell you one thing: I would not swim in that water until they actually figured out what caused this to happen!!


So how many of you are watching the Olympics in Rio?

let me start quoting that I did not like that much the opening ceremony, don’t get me wrong, it was a great ceremony, but it was below expectations after seeing that of London four years ago and four years before that the opening ceremony in Beijing.

The game started off with a flying start with the USA bringing home the first gold medal awarded in the Olympics, then we saw Australia and surprisingly Italy takes us over in the awarded medals, I truly did admire the Italians in the fencing events, they basically pick up nearly all the metals and from what I see they are doing exceptionally well also swimming.

It is said that the United States of America will have to compete against China for who will bring home the most medals possible, however my going through all the different sporting events I definitely see the United States in predictions way ahead of China, and because there are so many disqualified Russian athletes I truly believe that the US and China will pick up a lot more medals than predicted.

One event that I find very interesting is the women’s rugby, it’s amazing how women actually practice this sport giving and taking beatings all along, also women’s soccer should be full of surprises considering that the United States actually did succeed quite a bit against France and Germany managed to draw only at the last minute against Australia.

Unfortunately two tourists have already been killed and many other month and injured during these first days of the games, from what I understand from what I read on the New York Times, there are 27,000 law enforcement officers that are walking the streets of Rio de Janeiro doing everything they can to protect the friends that have reached the Brazilian capital for the games.

Go team USA!!


What is it that Trump screwed up on?…

Basically not being a military man, he did not figure this out, his never figured this out and basically this is where Donald fell off the earth. He doesn’t recognize that military is one family that sticks together across generations and political leanings no matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, they all stick together. So by attacking the parents of a war hero that gave his life for our country, not only was it a very poor attempt to attack Democrats, it was a very vicious attack against all veterans and military personnel still active defending our country.

After reading several newspapers online this morning seems that the GOP would be attempting to move aside, from replacing him either with Jepp Bush or another candidate that could try to salvage what is left of the GOP, and focus course on the House and Senate sure that they do not take a hit there as well due to Donald Trump, speeches, his tweets, and anything that basically involves presidential candidate at this time.

This would be a first time that an actual candidates is forced to leave the race, the bookmakers in the United Kingdom have placed a bet on him being booted by the Republicans 2/1, basically you put a dollar on him being out of the race as if such happens you will get a dollar 50 back.

I truly think that the next 5 to 10 days will be extremely important, where would the GOP act and make a decision about the run for 2016, and quite likely this race is most probably lost and therefore the Republican Party will be looking ahead of time for the elections of 2020.


US Navy and Air Force strike ISIS bases in Libya.

This just started minutes ago apparently the official Libyan government requested several days ago in total secrecy for the United States and its allies to take action against ISIS bases in its country, the concern of the Libyan government while the fast expansion of the terrorist group in the area and that if something was not done the terrorist organization will be able to reach the major cities within less than a week.

I’m watching CNN right now, and I can see some serious images of explosions occurring outside several major cities toward the west of the country. I have not yet heard that any of the coalition forces are involved in this airstrike beside the United States Air Force and Navy, but from what I understand Great Britain should take part in this operation either in the now or in the next few hours or days.

However the operation is underway, the Pentagon claim that they will not stop until the job is done and that the threat is completely neutralized.


So both conventions are over, what are your thoughts?

I can tell you mine if you want to continue reading :)

Last night I think that the DNC sent a very strong message of patriotism and tolerance, two things that usually are not found on the same party, but the Democratic Party of 2016 has made some radical changes and when you see a four star general on stage giving a speech as if he were a drill Sgt. and what a speech that was, then you know that something different happened. I truly did appreciate the two Pakistani Muslim parents that spoke about their children and help book of the Constitution in his hand and saying that he would borrow it to Donald Trump.

I have absolutely no idea if Donald Trump has read the Constitution, I believe he may not but that is pure speculation, however the message on that stage last night was very strong.

Everything looked great in my personal opinion until Chelsea Clinton came on stage and basically slows everything down, it was an inappropriate speech, it was too slow to lagged in her words and she was simply not herself at all.

I really was not 100% impressed by Hillary Clinton’s speech as well, she also was very bland and calm, I was expecting her to be a little aggressive when touching base with Donald Trump that didn’t happen and therefore I would say that the whole convention went great and they definitely scored many points above the RNC, but Hillary and her daughter kind of put me off, but just me, no one going to change my opinion just because they were not aggressive enough in giving a speech. I want to look at the programs, I want to see what they have to offer, I want to know in detail how informed they are when it comes down to politics domestic and foreign, I don’t care if they attack one another, childish, that is something that I don’t even look at.

As you can see I am still undecided I am leaning towards one of the candidates but not enough to say that I’m actually convince and that I will give them my vote!


So how do you think the Democratic national convention is going?

Day two in the DNC, I have to say I’m very impressed, they want was an absolute or, Michelle Obama absolutely nailed it, and the senator that preceded her, please forgive me if I forgot his name, they most probably one of the most honest and glorious speeches that I have ever heard a political convention.

Another factor that I know this is not on day two the Bernie Sanders followers decided to protest in silence as I find that extremely respectful and shows that there is a solid unity in the Democratic Party at this time, I have to admit I admire Bernie Sanders very much, and he accepted the defeat in an appropriate manner and not certainly like his colleagues said crews that went on stage at the RNC and literally vomited flames Donald Trump and basically told his followers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Day three should also be very interesting as I was told, and tomorrow Hillary Clinton should be giving her final speech and acceptance to the candidacy. So I can say without any hypocrisy involved in that the DNC is going a lot better than the RNC and considering that the Democratic national convention has still two more days left in it, they actually have two more days to improving, or like the Republicans hope that they have two more days to ruin everything.

It will be very interesting to see what occurs in the next two following days, and as an undecided I will sit to the side and focus on what each of the two candidates can bring to the plate, what make a new to make America a better place, a safer place, and of course another very important factor is international security and terrorism.