What is wrong with this country?

Can we fix this? Can we just take to sea all the criminal maniacs and toss them in a heard of sharks? America is better than this!
What on this earth brought a man to bring into a hotel room and plan to do something so horrific? Why?
Someone that is said to be, by his own brother, a normal person, someone that gave no signs of weaknesses.
59 dead and over 700 injured WTF!

We’re not letting Iranians and people from Chad in the country because considered terrorists, when in the past 16 years all terrorist acts in this country have been committed by US citizens!!
Could it be the guns? Ummm yeah! Can we regulate it? Umm No! Because the NRA have every Republican house member and Senator in their pocket!

Change is needed, a little at the time and that seems what the Democratic party is trying to do at the Senate this week. To ban certain rifle stocks, one would say that it wont change much, but it will be at least something, at least a start on trying to prevent shit like this every happening again on US soil!!


Gainesville Police Department “Hot Cop” turns out to be a Nazi!

Check this scumbag out!


To serve and protect, not that much protection from this cop if you happen to be Jewish!

One of Florida’s “hot cops” is facing backlash for allegedly making anti-Semitic Facebook posts.
On Sept. 10, the Gainesville Police Department posted a photo of officers Michael Hamill, John Nordman and Dan Rengering getting ready to work during Hurricane Irma.
The post quickly went viral, gaining more than 530,000 likes and 281,000 shares, and attracting comments from women worldwide.

Now, Officer Michael Hamill is under investigation by the department after two screenshots show him allegedly making anti-Semitic statements on his personal Facebook page, The Gainesville Sun reports. Yet they “Refuse” to suspend this Nazi of a Police Officer!!

One post from read, “What’s the difference between boy scouts and jews?” Anybody know? Well it is because “Boy scouts come back from their camps.”

Question: How many like this officer share the same thoughts in this Police Department???


National More than 12 million without power in Florida

Basically thats 71% of Floridians are without power. The once-powerful storm left trailer homes sliced open like ripe melons, boats tossed upside down on roadways and centuries-old trees strewn across power lines. As it trailed off on Monday, Irma’s rains caused floodwaters to rise from Jacksonville, Fla., to Charleston, S.C., continuing to impact a massive area of the American southeast. But it could have been much worse. We all know that!

The lack of electricity across most of South Florida was the most pressing and crippling problem. Millions could remain in the dark for days or even weeks as utility companies struggle to navigate impassable roads and floodwaters to slowly restore power. And yet here in the states like in Pakistan and India we still place electricity on poles and not underground. Places like China and Russia have 85% of their electrical distribution under ground, the us has 97% overground!!!! We do it to save, then when a storm passes, millions remain in the dark.


Waters in Jacksonville, in the state’s far northeast, sent residents scrambling to the top floors of their houses Monday morning. The St. Johns River, which cuts through the city, overflowed its banks, flooding bridges and streets.

Rescuers used boats, water scooters and even surfboards to get to residents surprised by the rising waters, said Kimberly Morgan, a spokeswoman for the Clay County emergency center. “You have to get creative in a situation like this,” she said.

Key West: 97% of the homes have been damages, 55% destroyed! When will we decide that wood is not something we need to be building homes with????


THE hydrogen bomb North Korea tested is its most sophisticated yet.

NORTH KOREA claims to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the first time in a move that has more than just alarmed the world.

The response from the US came through Tweets, it’s a matter of fact that the President attempted to Social Media North Korea to death, but it didn’t work. However Japan, China and South Korea officially condemned the testing by offering something of their own: A ballistic missile exercise in response to Pyongyang’s claim that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

Experts have expressed alarm at the technology as well as how quickly Pyongyang has accelerated its nuclear weapons program, not that hard if you think that they’ve brought in dozens of rogue nuclear physicists from the ex Soviet Union.

THOMAS F CHENG  korea h-bomb

North Korea’s only TV station claimed it tested the h-bomb in an underground facility, they claim that the bomb is capable of being loaded into an ICBM and could hit Japan and the west coast of the US.

According to John Hallam, a UN nuclear disarmament campaigner, the latest test is beyond frightening and proves Pyongyang is capable of making a devastating and deadly impact.


While Texas is sinking in rain, the president pardons a fascist!

“Let’s call things by their proper names here. Arpaio is, of course, a white supremacist. But he’s more than that. There’s a word for political regimes that round up members of minority groups and send them to concentration camps, while rejecting the rule of law.” and this person was pardoned by the commander in chief?!!

Well, this morning I watched some ddrone footage out of Houston, Texas, shows severe flooding in the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey:

At least two dead and dozens injured.
Houston, Texas, hit by “catastrophic flooding”; hundreds rescued from water.
More than 290,000 without power.
Slow-moving storm 20 miles east of Victoria at 11 p.m. ET Sunday.
It is expected to bring 15 to 25 inches of additional rainfall to the middle and upper Texas coast through Friday, according to the NWS.

Driving the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is the slow movement of the storm. It’s going to hover over southeast Texas for several more days, and parts of the region could see more than 50 inches of rain. This time it seems that FEMA took its head out of its ass and has actually moved in anticipation, getting most of the population out! Red Cross and Army reserves are also on the ground doing a good job. Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city, is underwater in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Thousands have already been rescued, but thousands more are stranded as rescue crews are stretched to the limit, with another two feet of rain on the way.

The driver of an SUV stranded on a Houston freeway was pulled to safety by firefighters and Coast Guard helicopters have been making urban rescues in the dozens per hour. It is said that the coast guard has been hovering over Huston looking down for stranded residence. These brave men and women put their lives in harms way because most of these citizens preferred to stay put instead of evacuating like they were told.

However out prayers go out to these victims and the rescue workers!


Powerball jackpot swells to an incredible $700,000,000!!!

Let me ask you something: What would be the first thing that you’d do if you won? I mean after that you got the loot, that takes about 2 weeks processing time and then comes the taxing from both federal and state governments. So we’re talking about $320,000,000. Yep they’ll rob you for more than half, but hey!… who gives a crap, we still bring home millions and millions of bucks!!

My wife would love to have a penthouse on the beach and that would be my first move. I’ve always wanted a home in Aspen Co. and that would be my next move. Then I’d buy myself a Maserati Levante and get my wife a Mercedes G class. Then I’d take my family on a nice vacation, drive around the states with the new SUV and stop at all the best places this country has to offer.

One mandatory stop would be at St. Jude’s children’s cancer research hospital, where I’d leave on the front desk a $5,000,000 check.

After traveling around the country for a month I’d be back home at the penthouse and thinking on how to invest a part of my cash. One thing I’d like to do is invest in soccer, yes in the fastest growing sport in the country. I’d open a youth club and give free tuition for the first year, a nice complex with a dozen fields and all lit up with nice stadium stands.

More investments would be in my children’s education and the best health insurance money can buy, the same insurance the pigs over at congress have LOL.

So, what would you readers do with all that cash, well at least what would be the very first thing that you’d do?


Nukes i the hands of 2 madmen!…

So, we have some dick over in Asia that has a hardon for the US and wants to blow us all up. Then we have on the other side a man that has no military experience in any form or way whatsoever, that can’t wait to blast North Korea back to the stone age.

You people can laugh at that as much as you want, but the threat on both sides is very but very very real. This time even China and Russia seem to have had enough with this over-fed clueless kid, starving his people and building himself an arsenal of nukes that within the next 8 to 12 months could have the capacity to strike and hit the pacific coast of our nation.

“While our State Department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on earth,” Mattis said in a statement. “The DPRK regime’s actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates.

“The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people,” Mattis said.

Yes, these are words to try and get the Chubby little boy to calm down and sit back at the negotiations table, but the White House seems pretty much ready to throw a few over the Pacific direction Kim Jong-un’s bedroom bunker! Basically its language that Kim Jong-un understands.

Well, we now have two crazy peeps with a nuclear capability to launch an attack on one another, lets see how this goes…


Will we survive whats left of the Donald Trump presidency?

So. We have a vulgar, unstable yo-yo with a toxic ego and an attention-deficit problem in the White House, and now we can see that government by Twitter is like trying to steer a ship by firing a pistol at the waves — not really useful — but what does it all add up to? Not that much, if you ask me, which you didn’t, but I’ll say it anyway.

We will survive this. He will do what damage he can, like a man burning books out of anger that he can’t read, but there will still be plenty of books left.

I went to my high school class reunion last week and the gentleman’s name never came up. He has been front-page news for months, every bleat, blurt, yelp and belch. His every gaseous eruption is played over and over on cable news. But among my old classmates, not a word. They spoke with awe and reverence of their grandchildren (we’re the class of 1960), some about travel, plumbing projects, beloved old cars, stories of youth and indiscretion, nothing about death or President Trump. After five hours with them, I have no idea whether they lean left or right. Remarkable.

Marvin Buchholz and Wayne Swanson are still farming, though they, like the rest of us, are 75 or close to it. They both know what sweet corn is supposed to taste like. Dean Johnson is still tinkering with cars. Rich Peterson is in terrific shape, thanks to teaching physical education all these years. His parents ran Cully’s Cafe out back of the Herald office where I wrote sports when I was 16, and I’d come in to eat hot beef and gravy on white bread and potatoes while reading my own immortal words in black type. They loved that boy, and he turned out well.

Bob Bell and I discussed some classmates whom I considered lowlifes and hoods because they wore black shirts with white ties and drove old cars with flame decals and loud mufflers, but he saw a better side to them and stood up for them, and good for him. His dad was an attorney, so Bob grew up with the idea that everyone deserves a good defense.

Carol Hutchinson was a librarian, Vicky Rubis a schoolteacher, Mary Ellen Krause worked at the town bank, one of the spark plugs who kept our hometown’s enormous Halloween parade going all these years. Carl Youngquist and I remembered our basketball team of 1958, a good bet to win State, but we lost in the early prelims to a bunch of farm boys from St. Francis. St. Francis! It was like Rocky Marciano being KOed by Mister Peepers.

It’s a privilege to know people over the course of a lifetime and to reconnoiter and hear about the ordinary goodness of life. By 75, some of our class have gotten whacked hard. And the casualty rate does keep climbing. And yet life is good. These people are America as I know it. Family, work, a sense of humor, gratitude to God for our daily bread and loyalty to the tribe.

If the gentleman stands in the bow and fires his peashooter at the storm, if he appoints a gorilla as head of communications, if he tweets that henceforth no transcendentalist shall be allowed in the armed forces, nonetheless life goes on.

He fulfills an important role of celebs: giving millions of people the chance to feel superior to him. The gloomy face and the antique adolescent hair, the mannequin wife and the clueless children of privilege, the sheer pointlessness of flying around in a 747 to say inane things to crowds of people — it’s cheap entertainment for us, and in the end it simply doesn’t matter.

What matter are tomatoes. There is an excellent crop this year, like the tomatoes of our youth that we ate right off the vine, juice running down our chins. There is nothing like this. For years, I dashed into supermarkets and scooped up whatever was available, tomatoes bred for long shelf life that tasted like wet cardboard, and now I go to a farmers market and I’m astonished all over again. A spiritual experience. The spontaneity of the tomato compared to the manufactured sweetness of the glazed doughnut. An awakening takes place, light shines in your soul. Anyone who bites into a good tomato and thinks about Trump is seriously delusional.

Garrison Keillor


When you think that the White House couldn’t screw up again, then the unthinkable happens

Donald Trump Junior has put his father and all the white house in quite a pickle, as I have posted several documents on my Thomas F Cheng Facebook page, and of course what the New York Times has brought to light, and most of all the presidents son is not denying, that there actually was a collusion between himself and a Russian lawyer that works for the government.

russian emails trump thomas cheng

Grounds for impeachment? if it were a Democrat president I can guarantee you he Would have been already impeached, But like Watergate this procedure will take my personal opinion up to a couple years if not more.

But let’s go back a little, and ask ourselves if Donald Trump Junior claims that he is crystal clear, why is it that he never rushed to the FBI immediately letting them know that somebody had contacted him offering him what they did? Why did he not contact any federal officials in any way whatsoever? And if it was Donald Trump Junior himself that brought this on the White House, why is it that we have the president of the United States of America studies claiming that this is a witch hunt on the on the media?

This is a tsunami that just hit the Oval Office!!


Donald Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin today.

Donald Trump to meet with his best friend ever behind closed doors in just a few hours from now.
Along with them will be only two translators and the American translator is under oath that anything that said in the meeting is to be revealed in any way whatsoever. That makes perfect sense!
What will be on the agenda? I can speculate if you want: Trump will offer to remove all sanctions on Russia, will reveal without knowing some of our countries most classified secrets and in exchange he will get absolutely nothing LOL.

putin trump thomas f cheng

It is clear at this time that Pres. Putin is completely in control of the meeting, all his demands will be taken down and executed, and most probably the United States even if they have any demands of their own will be as usual ignored by the ex-Soviet Union KGB officer.

Vladimir Putin wants this meeting so that he can lay down his authority on Donald Trump. I myself find it very hard to understand why it Donald Trump wants to protect this country, but at the same time will sit down with Vladimir Putin and refuse to point his finger and accusing him of leaving the hacking during the 2016 elections.

I know for a fact that nothing will be said or done, if you consider that no sanctions have been given since that hacking attack, no action has been taken no action will ever be taken.

Best friends forever Donnie and Vlad!