The Ozzy Man Reviews

I have liked this dudes page on Facebook about 3 months ago and since then everything that he’s posted has brought a laugh here at the office. I love to share these videos with my staff members, even if he’s a little vulgar and its really not a workplace kind of dude :)

Well, I thought that I’d share this with you all. It’s in theme with what we’ve been talking about in theses past few months, take it as you wish, I personally laughed like mad for an hour at this video!


How long will the White House administration last?

Apparently one of our national security advisers at the ties with Russia, basically Vladimir Putin had him by the balls, it could have been a strong possibility that sensitive information was actually passed to the Russians. Is what I have read on credible resources, but obviously the NSA and the CIA have not confirmed.

There seems to be many others that have extremely deep ties with the ex-Soviet Union, either they be politically or businesswise. My suggestion is that the national security agency or who will them in this case should definitely investigate, to see how many other members of this cabinet are deeply involved with Russia.

As this investigation keeps moving on, from what I read dozens of cabinet members could get deeply involved, could be forced to resign or even be impeached and that also including Mr. Donald Trump.

I say it now, and I am ready to bet with anyone, that this administration will be overthrown and/or impeached before August.


Can we talk about something else today?

Not really, see, if Trump keeps screwing up, all the rest of the world news is basically left to the side and considering he screws up every moment of the day, well…
…Lets talk about Trump again shall we!

He’s taken a few slaps left and right this week, the biggest lash-back was from his supreme court judge pick Neil Gorsuch. Maybe the POTUS should have picked a judge/puppet instead of someone that actually uses his brain and will defend the constitution.

I wonder how many chairs the Prez broke in his tantrum after hearing about Neil Gorsuch words? How many people did he insult in his inner-ring? I wonder why he never took to twitter and called Neil Gorsuch “Overrated and Sad”.

Talking about Twitter and the official “White House” twitter account!… Trump attacked Nordstrom for dropping his daughters products. Nordstrom, however was very clear, that the reason to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was due to the very poos sales in the past year. Basically since her dad started to run for president LOL.
I wonder if he’ll ever take the blame for that!


Is the Trump Administration crumbling?

I’m just curious what everyone is thinking about these federal judges beating down on the POTUS and sending his executive orders back to his table, with a big “Void” stamp on them.
While other nations such as the UK and Germany are taking massive steps back from their historical partner, other nations such as Australia are clearly upset with Donny and his circus crew. So while all these countries are getting more and more pissed off and more protesters hit the streets every day in larger numbers here in the US. My question would be: What is Mr Trump feeling right now? We know he’s not that happy to say the least, thanks to the tweets hes sending out, shooting diplomatic insults left and right!

How long will he last at the oval office? The bookies in the UK give him 3 to 1 that he wont last 6 months, some bookmakers are paying 2 to 3 bets for his impeachment within the first year of office. Well, if he keeps on like this, surely there will be an investigation or two to see whats under this Trump-Putin connection and why is it that all his cabinet has serious ties to Putin and Russia. Or the Wall-Street executive orders hes about to pull out, they seem to be very shady and sooner or later a federal investigator will put his hands on these files and pull out some “Hot Stuff!”


A little bit than a week in office and half of America has already hit the streets protesting…

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the country, from our nations capital, all the way to Seattle Washington state, West Virginia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, you name it they are protesting. It seems that the Muslim Ban kind of backfired. Even the Iranian ambassador’s personal aide will stop and the Washington international Airport yesterday. 108 people with regular working visas were denied entry.

On the list of banned Muslim countries, for some reason does not appear Egypt and Saudi Arabia, these were the two countries nationals that actually executed the aircraft attacks of 9/11. So I did a little bit of homework, and it all comes back to being very clear why these two nations were also not banned. Well, Donald Trump has economical interests in both countries, Donald Trump has invested great amounts of capital in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Is this all a personal business game? So, if the greatest amount of terrorist students come from these two nations, maybe Mr. Trump has a lot of explaining to do.

Back to go protesting, people in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Portugal… were also in the streets protesting what many call the president of the United States. There is a signed petition where millions of British citizens ask that government to block the official business of Donald Trump in the country next month, the parliament seems to be taking the citizens in consideration. So far within the last 36 hours 1.2 million signatures have been collected, and the BBC along with Reuters claim that the number could go at least the 7 million if not more.

At least the British sticks to their principles,, Great Britain and France are the ones along with Germany that I have allowed refugees from Syria and Iraq entered a great nations and quite frankly all three of these countries feel extremely insulted by the actions of Mr. Trump. Chief advisors for president Nixon, president Clinton and President Bush claimed that this executive order is an act of lunacy and will backfire tremendously on the United States in general.


It was the most seen presidential inauguration in the history of mankind!

Well apparently to his press corps Donald Trump Inauguration was the biggest in the universe, even the aliens 400 million light years away from our planet are talking about it! “Biggly” to say the very least, and please don’t listen to all the liberal fake news that are saying it was the least followed.

Even if they have provided case cracking proof, that it really wants empty there at the Mall in Washington DC, that even Richard Nixon and Eisenhower, or even Gerald Ford had more attendance than our so-called president of the United States Donald John Trump had this past Friday.

empty trump

One on the most pathetic excuses that I heard from many people on Facebook and other social media platforms, is that whoever voted for Donald Trump actually have a job and therefore they could not attend LOL.

Then they realize what a huge mistake that they had actually made my coming out and trying to fight the press with these filthy lies, calling it alternative views, that is a new way of calling somebody a liar I guess LOL.

The scary part however, is that the press secretary made it very clear that they will pursue and prosecute anyone that will try to prove more evidence on Donald Trump’s cabinet lies. Basically they want to push away in this case the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The good thing however, we can look back in six months time and say that yes it was a brief presidency, yes he did make the world laugh at us all, however it only lasted and eight of what it should have.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter, I’m pretty much sure she wouldn’t have done a great deal for our nation, but in the hands of choosing either one or the other she would be the one that would have created less damage that’s for sure LOL.


Whats your favorite social media platform?

Lets take a break from all the Orange Clown talk, we have at least another 5 months of that before he’s indicted and another year or so before the indictment wears out! So, I thought we could talk about something that we’re involved in, all of us from all over the world, that would be SOCIAL MEDIA.

As for me, Thomas F Cheng I have a facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, you name it I have it. The best way to get out there is through Social Media!

thomas cheng facebook

I’ll give you an example. I spoke to Pat and Jen, two teens that youtube tricks and kicks about Mindcraft. Their videos are seen by millions of Xbox and PS lovers from all over the world, some of their videos get up to 45,000,000 views. Last April they were High School students and now their making about $12,000 a day each!

My son is into soccer, he’s a goalkeeper, he loves the game and I love to see him play. I bought him some gloves called J4K I found the brand on Linkedin and that took me to their website. I actually got into contact with the co-owner of the company and he said that 80% of their customers find them on Facebook and other social media platforms. They invoice about 450,000,000 bucks a year…

…So how many of you have seen economical gain thanks to social media?


The affordable care act to be trashed within the next month

According to our next president Obama care is a virus and it will be stripped within the next month, however they have to tell us what it will be replaced with, all we know is that it will be: “A great plan, a much better plan, and affordable plan, a fantastic plan, a new and much better plan”

The truth is they don’t have a plan, while the 400 lawmaking Republicans want to do in the 1200 healthcare investors have in mind is to make as much money as possible until Donald Trump is sending office, to squeeze every single penny they can help of the American people. This is something that we will see, he claims, the as in our President-elect, that the premiums will go down, please bookmark this article and let’s read this together in four months time, and then in six months time, and then in a years time, And we will all sit back and say I was right, premiums actually did triple and this act of madness scripts roughly 19,000,000 Americans from their health insurance.

It is quite interesting to know that 85% of them that focuses on either were using the affordable care, Medicare or and free food stamps. It is a matter of fact that voted for Donald Trump is then that will be punished more by his benefit stripping campaign that will take place shortly.

The idea is that to force people to go and find extremely expensive insurance, to cut out the sick, to enforce once again pre-existing cause and everybody that benefited from that will see themselves stripped of their insurance even if they don’t have it through Obama.

We looking at 76 million people but will lose or will have drastic cuts in their health insurance, we’re looking at 196 million people that will see their health insurance double within the next year.

Take my word for it, the plan is to scrounge as much money as possible before he is out of office, his plan on being president is for his own needs and for all the business makers that surround him. He could care less about who voted for Hillary or for whom voted for him, all he cares about is this, is his income and how you can build his empire once again.

In the meanwhile his best buddy Vladimir Putin will walk all over him and most probably won’t into many of the Russian surrounding countries without any reaction in any form or way whatsoever by our future presidents that Vladimir Putin considers the perfect puppet.


Fort Lauderdale gunman Was previously interviewed by the FBI

So what was he doing with a semiautomatic handgun legally placed in his luggage? Don’t get me wrong, it is illegal to carry a firearm if you have specific permits in your luggage, and specifically your checked in luggage, however this person, this assassin and previous interviews with the FBI in Anchorage Alaska.

Apparently, nothing came out of those interviews and the man and his legal gun permits were set free. Three months later he opened fire in a Florida airport killing five innocent people and wounding another 13. According to some federal sources this incident could have been prevented, the person was in some way unstable and his weapon and is legal gun permit should have been immediately confiscated during his interview in Alaska months before the terror attack, you can call it that, occurred in Fort Lauderdale.

Donald Trump tweeted as usual this time claiming that his thoughts go to those people that lost their lives, however he is in favor of not restricting gun control in this country, something that Pres. Obama has been trying to put in place for nearly 8 years with massive obstruction from the Republican Party claiming that gun control is a violation of the Second Amendment and therefore in their opinion people like this assassin can go around legally in airports with a semi automatic handgun.


Breaking news: Twitter just announced it will charge Donald Trump $1000 per stupid Tweet

I’m just kidding obviously, but you have to say that the title actually drag you into the article LOL.
There is quite a lot going on in the world right now, but even so, Donald Trump is always the top of the news. Today’s Tweet Where he openly bashes Japanese car industry Toyota, I’m gone around the world, basically like every stupid thing he says goes around the world.

Anyway, getting back to Toyota, stop by the way has invested $22.7 billion in our country since 2007, is very worried regarding the childish remarks on our next president to be. The Japanese car industry is actually quite disturbed from these remarks and if we take into serious consideration that 81% of all Japanese vehicles that are sold in the United States are actually made in the United States, then maybe Donald Trump should actually read up and pull a few statistics before he makes a complete fool of himself once again.

I find this very strange that our president elect goes around bashing people for moving their factories out of the United States, when 97.6% of everything that he buys and sells comes from outside of the United States, his factories or house of the United States.

So my next question would be, is he going to super Himself for taking jobs out of the United States? Always going to have a file and double standard president?

He is also urging his supporters to come to the January 20 hooray when he is sworn in, and it seems there are more Anti-Trump supporters that will be attending the actual Trump supporters, the President-elect is absolutely aware of this, he knows for a fact he will be booed when he is sworn in, so if you are a Donald Trump supporter, run to Washington and do everything you can to overcome the booing!