Was the FBI director getting too close?… YOU’RE FIRED!

Like I stated months ago on the Thomas F Cheng, Trump would have fired Comey, it wasn’t a matter of “IF” but better still “WHEN”. The former FBI director was praised just a few months ago, when he helped Trump win the election, when he came out only 11 days before the elections, stating that he was looking into the Hilary Clinton email scandal once again.

But in the past month, he was investigating the connections between the Russian government and the Trump crew, that go the Donnie a little nervous? Is there something that the Prez didn’t want the FBI to discover? Just look at who he has fired since he made office… I don’t need to put the puzzle together, anyone that actually has a little bit of brain can actually put that together and see whats going on here!

thomas f cheng

Who’s next on the list?


Bernie Sanders states that the new HC bill will not pass the senate

The new bill, a bill that helps insurance companies get rid of you if you get sick! A bill that will bring back pre-existing cause, so lets say that you’re diabetic and you were before signing up for your health insurance plan, now the company can drop you as soon as the plan is law. Then we have the the new borns, as soon as they’re born, the insurance companies can deny all care in the first 6 months of that son or daughter of yours.

I could go on for days with this BS, this is what the British have called, “The Bill of Evil”. Basically what we have here is that the very rich are the ONLY ones that will have full coverage and the insurance companies will make around 550 Billion a year in savings. So once again, the fools that voted for Trump, will now find themselves in the middle of this…

…Well, if you consider that 71% of veterans voted for him, now their going to close all VA’s and have you put on a health insurance bill, where you’ll pay just like the rest of us. Then the 67% of senior citizens that also voted for the Orange Man. They’ll see themselves rejected from hospitals for old age sickness, that BTW is also in the bill.

So at the end of the day we all lose out, but most of all the idiots that voted him in will pay the biggest price!

Our only hope is like Bernie Sanders said, that to stop this horrible reality at the Senate. They need all Democrats and 5 Republicans to stop it, it seems that they have the numbers, but not a lot will change and all that they’ll do is take it back to the table, make a few pathetic adjustments and then re-propose it again for the next 3 and a half years!


Could Michael Flynn Turn on Trump and the White House Circus?

He is seeking immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying on the Trump campaign’s possible coordination with Russia. So? So, give it too him, have him spill the beans on the Trump Circus! If he wants to remain Trial-Free, then he has a lot of poop to throw at the fan. The FBI should grant this man everything he wants, as long as he comes out and tells the whole story. Let’s see what happened before the elections and how deep did the Russian-Trump Circus connection go and how it really did effect the outcome of this election.

We all know that the Senate controlled by the GOP is not going to grant him anything, they just want him to walk away and be silent, actually “Please be silent!”. So, basically the last straw in all of this is to have the FBI do whatever it takes to make this man bark!

trump flynn in jail

What will happen? Who knows, this congress filled with crooked GOP’ers is nothing new, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep this circus show going and having this man do what they want him to do and then when the poop hits the fan, they’ll simply turn around and blame him for everything.


Filling up the swamp with his own buddies.

He promised he would never touch Medicare, is about the possibility/it by 35%.
He promised that he would assign a independent federal prosecutor to take down Hillary Clinton, he didn’t!
He said that he would build the wall making Mexico pay for it, they told and clearly we will not!
He said he would lower taxes by 20% for the middle class, it is now 4%, but that Bill Gates has to pass!
He would show his tax returns as soon as he was elected president, so he claimed…
He said he would replace Obama care with a great healthcare program, his fellow GOP congressmen said they were going to vote for it!
The said he was going to ban all Muslims from our nation, if he keeps on like this the only one that will be ban will be in LOL!
The promised half 1 million jobs within the first hundred days of his presidency, we’ve seen 125,000 new jobs, All of them not from his presidency that’s for sure.

His overall approval on election day was 51%, today it is 36%, and as soon as Russia-Gate is fully exposed the only people supporting him will be the Hicks and the rednecks!
Never in the history of this great nation has a president of the United States at such low approval ratings in that first 100 days in office. Basically so far 30% off his followers and the people that actually gave him their vote, have already walked away from him as they are finding out that all his promises in the pre-election will basically just words to get himself elected.

I am still amazed at that 36% of Americans still have hope in this businessman, this man that has filed a kind bankruptcy, this man had over 170 lawsuits because he has failed to pay medium and small businesses, this man that has conned hundreds of thousands of honest Americans, this man thinks that running the United States of America is the same way and saying that he has run his business is for the past fifty years.

What experts are saying, we are talking about sauces that live Watergate, that it is not if Donald Trump will be impeached, it is not that the matter, it is when will he be impeached. I find that very scary, because at this point the GOP know a lot more than we don’t and they almost probably hiding that truth from us. Do they know about the Russian involvement in the elections? Are they cope conspirators? Does the oil slick go beyond just Donald Trump and his staffers?


President #45 what else can you fail within 100 days of presidency?

His “Muslim” ban has been shown the door twice and his Healthcare plan never even made it to the floor of the house. Next? Tax Reform! This one however will pass and it will do so with the full approval of the GOP both at the House and Senate! Reason? Like always, the GOP pocket great cash if they put money back in the pockets of the very rich!

trump fails healthcare bill

So, what to expect from all of this? Many experts say, if the bill passes, we will end up in another recession, something a lot bigger than what Obama had to take care of in 2008. However, many say that the bill wont pass as Trump and many on his team could be impeached before that time. Well, if the bill will take a few months to pass, then we could see Trump impeached before that? Right on!


Poll: Trump’s approval rating sinks to lowest point ever and we can’t even see the bottom yet!!

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating dropped to a new low over the weekend, as the president continues to grapple with healthcare reform, a travel ban, and wiretapping allegations against former President Barack Obama.

While 37% of Americans approve of the job the President has done since taking office Jan. 20, 58% disapprove. His approval rating stood at 45% last week, poll numbers showed.

Needless to say, those are the worst numbers for any president this early in his administration in the history of modern polling.

bitch please

I’m pretty much sure that the Commander in Tweet will now wake up at 3 am and post on his personal social media accounts that “GALLUP is overrated and are well known Liberats, this is all sad very sad”.

Other Presidents have suffered even lower ratings during their time in office, but this is the first time in at least 70 years that any President dipped to this point by March of their first term, found Gallup.


Wiretapping the Trump Tower LOL!

So basically 10 days ago former president of the United States Barack Obama was accused on wiretapping Donald Trump’s Trump Tower phone lines. Apparently Trump got this information from an extremist right-wing online media websites. In the first days after this week, White House actually insisted about the tapping of the phones of Trump Tower, then they slightly backed off, now I don’t want to talk about this in any way or form whatsoever.

Today is March 13, that is the deadline that the national security committee has given the White House to provide proof of these extremely serious accusations. At this time the word, and basically there will be no words, because this is the fruit of the imagination of Mr. Donald Trump, there has not been any wiretapping, there has never been any phone surveillance on Donald Trump or any of his crew.

Should this lead to impeachment? Anywhere else in the world most probably it would. But we are in the United States of America with the president is covered by immunity and therefore he can simply sit back and laugh the only at himself for saying such ridiculous allegations, but laugh at the people that actually gave him their vote.

The next step that the national security lawmaker committee should ask Mr. Trump, is that he officially retract such hideous allegations and most of all apologizes to former Pres. Barack Obama and the American people.

this as well will never happen!


How big is soccer in the United States?

As my children are now playing competitive soccer, And I noticed that hundreds of other children from my area are also practicing soccer in one way or another, it is either with the YMCA or the city recreational programs, or even with a nonprofit soccer club. One thing that I did not know and I am actually very surprised that the most practice sports in the United States among children from the age of 3 to 10 is actually soccer.

I was talking to a good friend of mine from the city of Port Orange, on the other side of the nation over in Florida, he runs a Goalkeeper Academy And I asked him if he knew the numbers on a nationwide scale. Being a fully licensed coach and most probably one of the best goalkeeper coaches in Central Florida, he knows his numbers as well. California is the states where soccer is practice the most and not just among children in second place we have Texas but it only had a third of the numbers California, third Place comes Florida and they only have a quarter of our numbers.

goalkeeper academy port orange

What is the fastest growing sport in the United States of America? Yes sir! Soccer! In 1992 it was the ninth most practice sports in the country today it is the fifth, of course the national sports such as football, basketball, baseball and softball a very difficult to overtake, but as many experts have already said, soccer should be the number one sport in the United States within 2050.


How about that Oscars screwup?

Apparently the guy that was distributing the envelopes, was also heavily tweeting at the same time. Apparently, before the show he was told by the organizes to stop tweeting, To put down his mobile device and concentrate on the distribution of the envelope, however, he On tweeting, then you wonder why this actually occurred.

So here we go again, the best picture is a movie that will never become a classic, is a movie that at the box office really didn’t make a lot of money, is a movie that will be forgotten within the next year.

So who is behind the Oscars? Why are they always picking movies that will never be on the shelf in DVD in someone’s home? The impression we need to make a radical change in the Oscars, and as Donald Trump would say, lately the Oscars have been extremely overrated.

The choice of picking the wrong films, for the best films in the past 15 years is what is making the organizes and Hollywood in general look very bad. I can say that the last extremely successful movie that won the picture was Forrest Gump. I give you a good example the Oscars of 1990 everybody knew that Mississippi burning was going to win in a landslide, yet it didn’t but the best picture award went to a movie that nobody even remembers anymore.

I just saying and I could be wrong, maybe I’m exaggerating and the Oscars are actually not going downhill year after year.


Can we build a wall around Donald Trump?

Somewhere between the border of Mexico and the United States, someplace where there is a lot of fans, therefore there will not be a lot of people, therefore wall will not bother them.

We can maybe the wall around the golf course that he has in Florida, but let’s keep talking about the wall, the wall that the American people will pay for for. You see, Donald Trump’s plan is that to charge a special tax on Mexican products entering the United States, that tax will be paid by the consumer, and therefore a perfect example would be a Corona beer. So let’s say that the specific beer that we mentioned costs a dollar per bottle as soon as Donald Trump passes this law, a bottle of Corona beer would cost a $1.35, but the Corona owners would not pay that extra $.35, it will be you the consumer, it will be you the American citizen that will be paying for those extra 35% taxation on Mexican products and therefore it will be you the American people will be paying for the wall of Donald Trump wants to build dividing the United States from Mexico.

What a plan!!! What a genius!!! Even the Mexicans are laughing at us!! So let’s make this very simple and let’s just build a wall around Donald Trump!!